Welcome to Nova Katif

Imagine a beacon of love and peace, of flowers and harvest, of dancing and prayer, on the sands of Gaza.

Join the movement to ensure Jews from across the political and religious spectrum resettle the Gaza Strip as the only way to ensure that peace reigns in the region and beyond for all eternity.

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The Vision of “Nova Katif”

The name “Nova Katif” translates as “New Harvest.” It is a play on two communities severely victimized by brutal terrorists in Gaza:

The first is Gush Katif, the settlement bloc uprooted as part of Israel’s 2005 withdrawal from Gaza. The second is the Nova music festival of Oct. 6-7, where over 260 peace and freedom-loving souls were brutally massacred in cold blood by Hamas death squads.

These communities may seem to be different on a superficial level; one consists of mostly religious Zionists while the other consists of free-spirited, liberal Israelis. But what they shared in common was a vision of world peace: of ethics and light in a menacing world.

Now these two types communities, from secular to religious, from left wing to right wing, must come together to bring light to Gaza and ensure that no more Jewish genocide be devised from its sands. Together, we will create a new model for Jewish life and solidarity.

Together, we will build productive farms and happy dancefloors, spiritual synagogues and soulful bars, warm homes and trendy hotels. Nova Katif will also be a place where European Jews, now victims of increasing antisemitism, can find refuge. Nova Katif will also be a place of healing for foreigners and non-Jews who have staked their claim in Israel’s fight for survival.

Nova Katif is the shining light at the end of the dark, bloodthirsty tunnels, the redemption of the terrible tragedy that befell the people and nation of Israel. Nova Katif is the rising star of the Children of Light, the resounding answer to the enemies of the Jews and all humanity.

Why Nova Katif?

On October 7, 2023, the Jewish people experienced a tragedy unprecedented in brutality and scale since the Holocaust. Hamas terrorists entered Israeli territory and murdered over 1,400 innocent people and took over 240 taken hostage, including children and the elderly.

As the Israel Defense Force battles the sadistic enemy of the Jews and of the West, destroying its strongholds and hiding places and clearing the territory of mines and traps, it is creating a new reality that opens possibilities inconceivable before October 7.

Those who brutally massacre innocent people and who seek genocide of the Jewish people must know that they will not only lose their lives, but their land. This is the only response that will build deterrence. 

Righting a Wrong

The withdrawal from Gush Katif, Gaza in 2005 was a disaster for Israel’s security, exactly as its victims and opponents predicted.

Israel was far more secure before the destruction of the communities of Gush Katif. Although there were occasional terror attacks on the residents and security forces, the death toll over 38 years since its establishment did not come anywhere close to the losses of October 7.

But the withdrawal was also a moral disaster. It tore innocent people from their homes and livelihoods, even uprooted the bones of the fallen for reinterment elsewhere. The people experienced crises for many years to come: financial, practical, emotional, psychological and also spiritual. It took years for them to rebuild, if they succeeded at all.

Israel must correct that terrible, tragic blunder but also the mistaken conception that led to the uprooting of beautiful and successful communities of Gush Katif. 

This leads to an inescapable solution: the resurrection of communities it destroyed in 2005 but with a new conceptual framework. 

Israeli Consensus

Israel did not enter the war to reconquer Gaza, but to ensure military and moral victory, that must be the inevitable result. Israel cannot trust anyone else to vanquish its enemies and ensure that evil terrorists won’t plot again to massacred Jews.

Across the political spectrum, there is broad recognition of the need to occupy and control that territory–for eternity. Even the left-of-center camp recognizes that post-war arrangements must allow the IDF to operate freely against terror threats: hunting terrorists, watching their movements, and preventing their weapons transfers. The IDF presence must be buttressed by Israeli communities living alongside security forces, providing them a safe haven. 

The region of Gaza should therefore be run like “Area C” where Gush Katif communities are rebuilt along with new communities that broaden the character and nature of the region. Gaza shall be renamed to “Nova Katif.”